5 Reasons why you NEED the Best Galaxy Projector of 2021!

2020 has been a year full of staying indoors. Undoubtedly, most of us have been stuck at home and longing to travel again; No more sunbathing on the beach, or stargazing in the mountains. But just because we should comply with health regulations doesn’t mean we can't make the best out of it!  Bring the outdoors into your home and reimagine this quarantine with the Galaxy Starlight Projector. 

Here are 5 reasons why this Galaxy Starlight Projector is essential for livening up your quarantine experience:

1. Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

Get the full experience of a light show with the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Connect your phone easily via Bluetooth and listen to music while simultaneously looking at the stars. Adjust the volume to fit your desired experience - whether you want to party, relax, meditate, or even put your baby to sleep with a sweet lullaby. It doesn’t get better than this light projector and Bluetooth speaker 2-in-1 combo!

2. Large Variety of Colors and Lighting Modes

Always switch it up so that you never get bored when you’re stuck at home. You can project solid or multi-colored lighting to form 21 different lighting effects. So customize your projector and play around with different light modes. Combine blue, red, green, and white to fill your room with a surreal galaxy starlight. Even adjust the brightness with 3 different lighting modes. With 10 different color combinations, you will never get bored of this projector!

3. Sound Activated Design

Amazingly enough, this projector can flash with your music or voice. Create anything you want - from a club in your very own living room, to a romantic starry sky from the comfort of your bed. This galaxy light projector has both starry night and water wave projection effects. So stargaze with your loved ones, dance to the beat of the song under the stars with your significant other, or go exploring underwater with your kids. The possibilities are endless

4. Remote Controlled and Multi-Functional

Worried about wasting electricity from keeping the projector on all night, or having to get up to change the settings after already getting comfortable in bed? We’ve got you covered! With the smart remote, you can freely adjust all the settings from the comfort of where you want to be. Turn the ocean waves or star lights on/off, adjust 3 levels of brightness, change lighting modes or colors, speed, music, and volume. Additionally, fall to sleep at ease, knowing that the projector has the convenience of a built-in auto-off timer. Perfect for helping you fall asleep, and convenient for any room!

5. A Great Gift for Family and Friends

This projector is perfect for all ages! Use it as a night light or fun adventure for kids, as the perfect party item, or to even soothe yourself or your kids to sleep. The perfect gift for any party or bedtime experience. Purchase this great gift idea now for all occasions, family, friends, and your significant other. Use this galaxy star projector to liven up any bedroom, party, family gathering, club, and so much more!

Interested? Click below to purchase and make the best investment you have made so far since the start of this pandemic! ON SALE NOW!

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