5 Notable Reasons to Purchase the Galaxy Starlight Projector for 2021!


2020, there has never been a year quite like it. We no longer hold the freedom that we once did, nor the opportunity to explore and venture around the world. We are confined to our designated areas and must comply with regulations in order to finally defeat this pandemic. Why not enliven your area? We are spending so much time inside that now seems better than ever to make a change to keep things interesting. The Galaxy Starlight Projector offers a unique and relaxing experience like no other! 

What if you could go to space and look at the stars without all the risk or the cost? Would you do it? If you have an adventurous personality and are a space enthusiast the Galaxy Starlight Projector is right for you! 



1. Built in Bluetooth Speaker

Ever wanted to know what space sounds like? Well, you can’t exactly do that, but, you can elevate your ‘Space’ by simultaneously listening to music while you watch the stars! Transform your ambience into a starlit setting and set the mood right with your choice of tunes! Enjoy a complete relaxation experience with the stars shining above you while concurrently jamming to your favourite songs. The beautiful art of music joined with the relaxing environment of the stars joined together as one to create an epic experience!




2. Remote Controller and USB Charging

Imagine having control of how the ocean waves and the stars in the night sky move. Now picture that dream becoming a reality! With the Galaxy Starlight Projector, you gain access to a smart remote that can freely control the starlight and the ocean waves, along with adjusting brightness on three different levels, changing the lighting mode to your liking. Not only this but the smart remote can also adjust the speed of the stars, turn on music mode, and full control of volume. Conveniently, within the projector is a built-in 1 hour and 2-hour auto-shutoff timer, sleeping and shutting down entirely by itself. Wow, absolutely packed with features that cater to your every lighting needs!



3. Variety of Colour Combinations & Lighting Modes

Worried the lights might get repetitive and boring? No need to worry, we have you covered! With 10 incredible colour combinations, the Starlight Projector fits all your LED needs! By combining Blue, Red, Green, and White you can visualize beautiful solid or multi-colour lighting effects creating 21 lighting effects! Phenomenal! Want different lighting settings each day of the week? You got it! Don’t get sick of lighting anymore, diversify your options and see the notable difference immediately!



4. Sound Activated Design

Do you listen to music often? As many people know, music is an important part of their everyday lives, including me. If you are like me, would you want a unique music listening experience like no other? From the immense innovation, you can adjust the lighting to move or change with your music. The elegant projection can flash and move with the sound of your voice or your music! Jam out like never before and dance in coordination with the beat of your favourite songs! Try it with the Starry Sky and Water Wave projection effects!



5. Makes for a Great Gift

Maybe you aren’t in the market for a new lighting setup in your environment, but what about someone you know? A cousin, brother or sister, a close friend? Leave your peers ecstatic and excited about the holidays by using this product as a gift! With such a viral product like this, youthful peers are all over this. Considering getting your nephew or niece something? No need to go any further. With huge popularity among youths, surprise your peers or family members with an incredible gift they won’t forget!





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