About Us

Mood, ambiance, and the perfect lighting are keys to creating the perfect space for any individual. Whether your goal is relaxation or a romantic evening under the stars, we’ve got you covered.

Here at Galaxy Projector, we know how important lighting can be. Lighting is proven to improve concentration, appetite, mood, and energy level resulting in a happier state of being. Our mission is to contribute to your overall happiness and bring a galaxy of star-like lights to your space to better your mood and transport you to outer space. The Galaxy Projector is also the perfect lighting for an intergalactic photo op which is sure to shock friends and family.

Leave earth behind and climb aboard our rocket ship to a galaxy of twinkling lights! 

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For all of your customer service and technical support needs, please contact 360 Galaxy Projector

Email: info@360galaxyprojector.com
Phone: 631-504-0289