Cool Facts About The Milky Way Galaxy

How would you like to transform any room of your choice into a breathtaking, galaxy-esque allusion? The Galaxy Projector is a one of a kind product, producing stimulating visuals, displaying our very own milky way galaxy covering your walls in an intoxicating fashion. Bring back nostalgic planetarium vibes from your childhood. Gazing into the never ending sea of stars, eyes filled with wonder. The Galaxy Projector is truly an amazing product, but not quite as wondrous as our galaxy. Which leads me to the topic of today's blog: Cool facts about our galaxy!

Cool fact: Our galaxy was made from other galaxies!

The milky way galaxy has not always been the amazing warped spiral that it is today. The milky way became as it is today through engulfing other galaxies, and it appears to still be eating! As a matter of fact, the Canis major dwarf galaxy is the closest to the milky way. This is only because it’s stars are currently being added to the milky way’s disk. Our galaxy continues to grow bigger and stronger everyday! 

Cool fact: We can’t photograph the milky way. It’s too far away!

Currently, we do not possess the technology to photograph the milky way galaxy from above. So yes, that means the amazing pictures you have seen of our galaxy are either of another galaxy or are created through amazing artistry. This is because we are inside our galaxy's galactic disk. Which is about 25000 light years away from the galactic centre of the milky way. 

Cool fact: Our Galaxy has a Halo, but it’s invisible (at least to us).

Scientists believe that approximately 90% of our galaxy consists of dark matter. They also believe that this immense mass of dark matter is what gives the milky way a halo. This means the luminous matter (what we can see with a telescope) makes up less than 10% of the milky way galaxy. We still have lots of exploring to do!

Cool fact: The Milky Way has over 200 billion stars!

As far as galaxies go, ours is a middleweight. There is much bigger and smaller out there. The largest galaxy we know of is the IC1101 which has over 100 trillion stars. We estimate the milky way has between 100-400 billion stars. But when you look up at the night sky, the most you could ever see from a single fixed location is approximately 2500. It should also be noted that this number is not a constant, as our galaxy is constantly losing and gaining stars!

Cool fact: Our galaxy is very gassy and dusty

Though our galaxy looks spectacular from our point of view, it’s actually jam packed with gas and dust. Gas and dust takes up about 15% of the luminous matter in our galaxy, the remaining matter being stars. The milky way is roughly 100,000 years in diameter, that’s a lot of gas and dust! To put that into perspective, with our most powerful telescopes we can only see about 6,000 light years. 

Cool fact: Our galaxy is almost the same age as the universe! 

The most recent estimates of our universe’s age put it at a whopping 13.7 billion years old! What’s even more surprising is that our galaxy is estimated to be about 13.6 billion years old! 

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