Milkway Galaxy Light

Milkway Galaxy Light
Milkway Galaxy Light
Milkway Galaxy Light
Milkway Galaxy Light
Milkway Galaxy Light
Milkway Galaxy Light
Milkway Galaxy Light
Milkway Galaxy Light
Milkway Galaxy Light

Milkway Galaxy Light

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What's it like to sleep under the starry sky? Bring the beauty of the universe into your room with our Milkway Galaxy Light. This night light is perfect for adding a glow to your home and transforming your room into a starry night sky instantly! The galaxy projector makes a great gift for someone who loves space or for anyone looking for a nightlight that is anything but ordinary.

Our Milkway Galaxy Light can turn any room into a sparkling galaxy by projecting thousands of stars onto your walls and ceiling. 

Create an Amazing Ambience at Home

Let your room be filled with the relaxing glow of the galaxy. Our galaxy light immerses you in the universe and creates a perfect dreamlike atmosphere. Milkway Platinum also has a built-in bluetooth connected speaker so that you can listen to your favorite music while looking into the sky. How about spending a romantic night with your lover under the stars without leaving your couch?

Soothe Your Mind and Improve Your Sleep

Our galaxy light projects the beautiful view of a never-ending deep space on any surface and is soothing to your mood. The galaxy light makes almost no sound and creates a relaxing atmosphere that helps you to wind down after a busy day and fall asleep naturally faster and easier.

Stimulate Kids' Imagination

Our Galaxy light provides a perfect combination of art, science and technology. It is the perfect tool to stimulate the your kids' imagination and passion for exploration. From their bedroom, they can start to understand how the universe works and experience endless scenarios in space. Our galaxy projector is also the perfect way to calm the kids before bedtime improve their sleeping quality. It's an excellent gift for kids that love and dream of space.

Beautiful photo background

Dive into a starry night, and feel at peace with the stars and moon overhead. Our galaxy light provides more than relaxing mood lighting - it adds a unique chic and personal style to any room. It's perfect for photo backgrounds, parties and gifts.


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  • Power: USB (plugin or chargeable depending on the variant)
  • Projecting distance: up to 9.8 feet / 3 meters
  • Projecting center galaxy area diameter: 6.6 feet / 2 meters
  • Projecting side light area: 323 square feet / 30 square meter
  • Size: 
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