Ranked: Best Lighting Options For 2022

Whether you're on the hunt for a new lighting fixture or avidly searching for that perfect lighting alternative, today's list has you covered. We know the feeling of browsing through endless online stores or in-person retail shelves trying to find your homes calling, but sadly, it doesn't come through. It's not a great feeling, that's for sure. Rather than focusing on the negative, I thought I'd release a star-studded list of the best lighting options for any home around the world headed into the New Year. Everyone knows that the New Year means a New You, so why not take your resolutions to the lighting world and add a glowing companion that you can bask in 24/7? Alright, now that you're in the know of why I'm here, it's time we get started. All you need to do is relax, grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa and keep scrolling, your ambiance is about to change for good! Here. We. Go. 


Bouquet Rosie Original Bedside Lights

Price: $69.99
Color Options: Red, Colorful, Pink

To open our list of superb lighting options, we bring you a lovely classical vibe straight from the catalog of Original Tree Lights. The Bouquet Rosie Original Bedside Lights are a splendid way to invite a new vibrant color into your life. With such a gorgeous glow and instantly attractive sight, this lighting alternative is sure to bring a transformative sense to your setting perfectly for the new year. There's no better way to add a bedside light than with the Original Tree Lights product catalog. 


Sun Glow Lights

Price: $29.99
Color Options: Dusk, UV, Dawn
Shop Now: Sun Glow Lights

Following up on the superb bedside light is an influencer favorite known as the Sun Glow Lights. These fantastic lamps give you the power of choosing when and where your personalized sunset will go. Find your perfect 'Golden Hour' and minute of the day, and put all your instagram pictures on a whole new level of tremendous glow. Even if you aren't looking for a photography tool, this sunset bringer gives you're setting a tremendous boost of multicolored lighting! Safe to say if you're chasing a sunset, these lamps have you covered.


Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights

Price: $9.99
Color Options: White, Blue, Green, Red

Heading further down our list, we wanted to highlight a stellar trend that has taken over the Social Media & E-Commerce worlds. The tremendous Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights are like no other when it comes to bringing an ambient lighting alternative to your home. In seconds of setting up these gorgeous fairy lights, you've invited a wonderful style of warmth & comfort into your home! With tons of unique features and a lovely look, your home will be looking better than ever with these guys. 


360 Galaxy Projector

Price: $29.99
Color Options: N/A

It's finally here, our top spot. Now, with this guy taking over loads of Social Media platforms, I'm sure you already know tons about the 360 Galaxy Projector. Packed with an unbelievable amount of special features, this guy works as the perfect lighting option, or your newest party companion. Glancing at the starry night sky has never been so beautiful, and now you can do it both in the comfort of your own home, AND whenever you please! The time to get your hands on one of these guys is now, so make sure you grab one while you still can. 


Wow, what a transformative list. These top trending lighting options are perfect for any household across the globe, and will bring a wonderful glow to your setting. One question I have for you is which one of these alternatives was your favorite? I'm curious to see who comes out on top! Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed reading through this list, and are ready to give your home the boost it needs.

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