5 Parks To See Real Galaxy Stars This Season

It’s already pretty cool that we can replicate the stars in our own rooms with Galaxy Projector Lights, but imagine how much cooler it is to see so many stars in real life! There are so many parks that you can go to see the stars, constellations, and planets - you can also see some in your own backyard! But, we did the digging to find the top five parks that you’d be able to see the stars the brightest and clearest. If you’re ready to travel this year, hit up these recommended parks to experience a beautiful stargazing experience. 

Great Basin National Park - Nevada

Surprisingly, this park is one of the least visited parks in the United States… but it has all the beauty. This park is perfect for someone who loves the wilderness, but also loves solitude. Since it is so dark in this area (not exposed to lit up buildings or street lights), the stars shine so brightly. There are many different areas to explore and see different views of all the stars. Many people love sightseeing here, especially because it is possible to see the “ring of fire” solar eclipse - which will next be taking place on October 14th, 2023. Book your travel arrangements around that date if you want to see some cool sightings in the sky!

Big Bend National Park - Texas

This park is located in Southwest Texas, close to the Mexican border! The sights you’ll see here are amazing. Just look at it, how surreal is that? These stars shine so bright all over the sky because there is a lack of light pollution. The less light, the better. There are many different stargazing sites around the park that you can settle into and watch the stars go by for hours! So much better than your backyard, right?

Redwood National and State Parks, California

The park is settled amongst a vast forest, which is perfect for seeing the night’s sky. It’s very easy to find a vast forest but what’s important is that you need a clearing between the groves of the forest so that you have the space to see the full sky. Luckily, Redwood National has just that! The region is about 140,000 acres that are super dark and also has clearings, so you’ll be sure to find a space to see your real galaxy stars.

Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

This park is one of the closest to the Canadian border (Hi, Canadians!). Northern Minnesota not only has beautiful forests and lakes, but you have the ability to catch sight of part the Northern Lights! Imagine seeing that and all the stars together! The light pollution is also low so the sky will be dark enough to see everything clearly. This has to be a destination on your bucket list if you’re into stars. If you travel a bit first north from this park, you should be able to see a better view of the Northern Lights. Just look at how beautiful it is!

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Believe it or not, this park was actually created from a result of a volcanic peak that had collapsed and created a vast lake. This area is perfect for viewing the night sky, especially around the Rim Road area. Just like the Great Basin Park, you can also see the “ring of fire” solar eclipse. It last for about 4 minutes and 20 seconds. You don’t want to miss out on that! However, we must mention that it may be hard to visit for a while due to wildfires! Hopefully, that land is unharmed so that you can visit!

Ready to travel and see the stars? These parks are the best for seeing what is part of the galaxy. If you can travel to any of these locations, you can go to any conservation park near you or just view them from your backyard. You could even invest in a telescope if you want better views of all the stars. But of course, you can always grab a galaxy projector here! Have the stars in your room at all times!