5 Galaxy Projectors that Make the Perfect Gift

Are you unsure of what to buy your friend for their birthday? Well you don't need to worry any longer! 360 Galaxy Projector offers an array of products that are suitable for all ages. Keep reading to find out our top 5 most popular products that will make the perfect gift!

Galaxy Starlight Projector

Our top product is this Galaxy Starlight Projector! Not only is it super affordable, but it also works as a 2-in-1 projector and Bluetooth speaker. This way, you can completely transform your room’s aura while blasting your favorite tunes. 

The Bluetooth feature can be connected through your phone. You can use this to play your favorite music or to play calming lullabies to help you fall asleep. Now it’s super easy to create a relaxing and ambient environment in the comfort of your room!

The projector itself has 10 different color combinations and 21 lighting effects. With the remote control, you can adjust 3 different brightness levels, change the lighting mode, speed, music, and volume. Use the projector’s built-in auto-timer to conserve battery!


Galaxy Star Night Light Projector

This Galaxy Star Night  Light Projector is the perfect addition to any room! It provides a soft, ambient lighting for your room and can be used to create a romantic atmosphere or a relaxing setting. This projector combines three colors (yellow, white, and blue) to create a panoramic effect in your room. The light can also be pointed in different directions no matter where you place the projector and can cover an area as large as 130 square feet. 

As for its specs, enjoy going through 4 brightness modes, foldable lampshades, and a Bluetooth music player. This projector can be connected to any phone to play music at various volumes! Use this projector for up to 4 hours and simply charge it with a USB cable to start using it again!


Galaxy Projector 2.0

Use this Galaxy Projector 2.0 to project various colored galaxy prints across your room! It works to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere, so you’ll be able to fall asleep anywhere and any time! This projector works through touch, app, and intelligent voice control. 

The lightweight model makes it portable and easy to carry. Now, you can bring the magic of the stars with you anywhere! Once connected to a speaker, the nebula design will automatically shift and change along with the beat of your music. Not only is this device affordable, it is super smart too! It makes the perfect gift for an individual of any age!


Galaxy Lamp

Are you looking for a magical and unique way to decorate your room? This Galaxy Lamp is perfect for you! The lamp uses 3D printing technology to recreate the beauty of the galaxy onto its surface. It is also made with a rugged surface to reflect the surface of stars and the universe.

Use the remote to switch between 16 color options and various brightness levels! This lamp can also be charged using a standard USB charging port. Once charged, you can bring your lovely galaxy lamp anywhere! This safe-to-use lamp is the perfect gift for anyone looking to spice up their home decor.

Moon Lamp

Want to reflect the ethereal beauty of the moon in your room? This Moon Lamp makes the perfect unique decoration and fits in any space! Not only is this lamp beautiful, it is also made from eco-friendly materials! It’s also easy to use. Simply touch the lamp to switch between two different colors: white and yellow. You can also adjust its brightness to match the ambiance of your room!

Once charged, this lamp can stay on for up to 10 hours. Once dead, just charge its rechargeable battery and you’re all set! This lamp makes a super cool gift for people of all ages!


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